Fiction4All started life in 2005 after I had a very expensive and fruitless experience of my own with a UK-based publisher. Having paid a substantial amount of money to get my first paperback published, I decided there had to be a better way for aspiring authors to get their works published.

A chance meeting online with another author made it clear I was not alone in my experience. And no, I am not going to name the vanity publisher in the UK, but trust me, if a publisher asks for money to publish your works then I'd say walk away from them. If you pay for a work to be published, what incentive is there for the publisher to promote it? Overwhelmingly the answer to that is - NONE!

We now have a number of imprints under our roof - the latest one being our Gravestone Press imprint, which was created in August 2021 to handle our growing cataliogue of horror stories and the associated authors.

We encourage new authors as well as experienced authors to bring their books to us as well as authors who want to epxeriment with the world of horror, supernatural and paranormal writing by submitting stories to our various horror anthologies. We not only publish on our own range of sites, but also place books on Amazon, where appropriate, and onto other sites such as Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Nook, and others.

On the paperback side of things we sell from our own sites and run a small UK Mail Order catalogue. We are also expanding into paperbacks produced using the Amazon Kindle Print platform.

We expect authors to take pride in their work and to take time to proof read and correct what they write and, if submitting to our anthologuies, to follow our editor's instructions! We will format books to our in-house style and use proofing tools to remove some grammatical and spelling errors. We do not charge a fee for this service, but if a book is not adequately presented, we will hand it back to the author and suggest they either fix it themselves, or pay an independent editor to sort it out. We have ones we can recommend, but who the author uses is entirely their choice.

We are also open to new submissions from new and existing authors. We also have open calls to a number of anthologies. See our Submissions page for more information.

To succeeed as an author takes time and work - writing the book is just the start. We will help you, the author, to market your book, if you can, but if not we will use out own online presence to get your book noticed if we can. If you are not already with us, we would like to welcome you in the near future.